Please read what my clients are saying about their experience with New Leaf Coaching:

"I've had people recommend coaching before and finally took their advice. It makes a huge difference to have someone on your "team" who is not in your work or family circles. The advice, questions and insight Diana gives helped me make some break throughs. After I follow through on a decision, we created, I plan to work more to determine the next goal. It's a journey. If you have a major decision or are stuck with indecision, she can help get you unstuck. She did for me! I highly recommend her coaching!" Jerry – Ellicott City, MD

"I contacted New Leaf Coaching to overcome some obstacles with setting up a business. Diana helped me work though those challenges and make a plan of action. After that, it seemed like everything was perfect and I was able to move forward at a brisk pace. Diana was often able to formulate my feelings better than I was. She helped me understand myself better and think in a lot of new ways. It was especially helpful that she sent me a written review of my progress and upcoming tasks after each session so I didn’t have to worry about writing it all down during the session. The tasks we came up with were based on what we both agreed upon, so it worked out really well. I think my coaching experience was a great success and I recommend Diana as a person who helps you get things done." Carmen -- New York

”I came to Diana when I was buried within a deep state of indecision. I had lost my ability to move forward in life and was letting my fear keep me from making any decisions. Diana helped me take control of my life. She listened intently as I poured out my conflicting views and opinions. She helped organize my thoughts, making sense of what it was I was truly desiring. Then she set me on a clear action plan to execute decisions to move my life forward, decisions I made confidently and calmly, knowing that I had looked at all of the angles and chosen the best possible choice I could. Thanks to Diana, I had the motivation and power to progress in life by choosing a great new place to live and accepting a position with a new company. Wishing to change my home and job was paralyzing me with fear- what if I made the wrong choice? Diana took me out of the fear and worked with me, patiently, helping me to confidently make the necessary decisions to put my life on the track I wanted it.” Anonymous -- Columbia, MD

"Diana was a great coach; she listened well; understood my needs, and offered multiple good ideas to help me move forward with my goals. I felt she sincerely cared about me as an individual and her prices were very fair." Anonymous -- Maryland

"Before working with Diana, I had no idea what a life coach did or how they could help someone. It turned out to be a thoroughly delightful, revealing, informative, and helpful experience. Diana's approach was to ask me questions and listen to my responses. Her questions guided me into really thinking and articulating my thoughts. After listening to my responses and comments, Diana often made right-on-target, unbiased suggestions, addressing problem areas I had subconsciously been aware of but had not realized as such … Our sessions were a lot of fun and she really inspired me to think and form for myself a more defined concept of what I want and what to look for … I have a new appreciation of the role a life coach can play in engaging her client to achieve self-awareness and self-action, definitely an enduring benefit.” Sherryl -- Georgia

"In my view, Diana has a very rational and analytical mind, and the ways she has used it in her coaching sessions with me have been extremely helpful to me in seeing the overview of my project goals as well as their individual components. I honestly can't think of a single thing that could have been better in my sessions with Diana...Not a hint of any kind of patronization or judgmentalism, which seems the perfect approach in my view." Robin -- Columbia, MD

"Diana provided great insight and ideas and helped me begin to move forward in identifying possible future jobs. She offered some options I had never considered and which I will research. My three sessions with Diana provided the "jump start" I needed and it was a perfect activity to begin a new year." Anonymous -- Maryland

"Diana provided great structure for our coaching sessions and feedback which helped me to see my progress along the journey. This gave me encouragement that she had a vested interest in my success and was cheering for my progress to the next level." Anonymous -- Glen Burnie, MD

"My coaching experience with Diana helped me over some of the hurdles in my life. The most important thing she did was to help me uncover those things that I was holding onto that made me procrastinate and push back on doing things to help myself. I could not have really committed myself to doing tasks I did not believe I could really do without a coach at my side. And not just any coach. Diana is really good at understanding, finding the root problem and helping me believe in myself enough to commit my time and energy to reach my ultimate goal. I strongly recommend her as a personal coach and believe she can help many people like she helped me." Bill -- Columbia, MD

"Diana has a vested interest in understanding her clients, assuring her clients reach their goals and celebrates their accomplishments. She provides great feedback, quality service and comes to sessions prepared and ready to provide you with empowerment to set and reach measurable goals. Diana is organized, efficient, reliable and creative." Sharika -- MD

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