My Rates

You may be surprised to know that my life coaching sessions are comparable in price to many spa services. But the change you'll see in yourself with our coaching sessions will be permanent!

Initial consultation free 30-minute phone consultation
Seedling Package $255 Three 1-hour sessions ($85/session)
New Leaf Package $480 Six 1-hour sessions ($80/session)
Full Flower Package $900 Twelve 1-hour sessions ($75/session)
Email/phone support* free Reminders and encouragement
Review free Written review and action list for each session
* Between coaching sessions only. Limitations on length,
duration and frequency apply.

During our consultation, I will make a recommendation for the number of sessions you are likely to need to accomplish your goal successfully. I have found it works best to schedule sessions weekly at the outset as we work to increase your awareness, develop a vision and create a plan of action. At this point, we can meet less frequently so you will have time to practice the strategies we have created and identify obstacles you encounter. As the space between our sessions increases, we will schedule brief check-ins at no additional charge to ensure you remain engaged and motivated until our next session. Outside of each session, I will write a review for you to refer to that includes what we have learned and what actions you have committed to.

Because there is such a broad range of what clients are seeking -- from making a decision to long-term weight loss -- my coaching packages range from three to twelve sessions. To ensure your commitment to accomplishing what you set out to do, sessions must be paid in advance. Life coaching will require that you make an investment in yourself. But what could be more important than your life?

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