What is Coaching?

The focus in Life Coaching is your life and how to take action to make it better and more fulfilling. Through skilled listening, perceptive observation and insightful questions, I will help you identify what is meaningful to you. And with carefully designed positive feedback, I will help you increase your motivation and generate your own strategies to move forward in new ways and improve your satisfaction with yourself and your life.

Unlike consultants, counselors, therapists and mentors who advise their clients, life coaches collaborate with their clients. This may seem strange but the coach’s belief in you as an equal in the process creates a sense of ownership in you that boosts your confidence, making you more likely to succeed.

As your coach, you can expect me to:
  • Commit to a coaching relationship based on mutual trust, mutual respect and freedom of expression
  • Listen carefully to what you say and ask questions to expand your awareness
  • Honor you as the expert in your life and believe in your ability to change
  • Provide a safe, encouraging and supportive environment in which you can relax, explore and grow
  • Expand your view of what is possible and inspire new insights
  • Respect our confidentiality agreement to the extent permitted by law
As my client, in order to produce the best possible outcome, I expect you to:
  • Respond honestly to my questions and avoid defensiveness
  • Trust me to have your best interests at heart
  • Open yourself up to new ways of looking at things and looking at yourself
  • Commit yourself fully to goals that are truly meaningful to you
As your coach, I'll be your partner in helping you define your goals and set a new course of action. I’ll be supporting you and encouraging you as you progress. And I'll be celebrating with you upon your success!

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