About Me

You may think it's strange that a mechanical engineer would choose to become a personal life coach. But I don't see it that way. That's because as an engineer, I'm an expert problem-solver and I love to figure out how things work. I just can't help but ask those "why" questions. I thrive on "thinking outside of the box" and I believe in the value of the do-it-yourself attitude.

But engineering is just one of the careers I have embarked on. I've also been a network administrator, computer support specialist, professional artist and online magazine editor. I've tapped into my creativity with numerous hobbies -- acrylic painting, costuming, home improvement, home décor and flamenco dancing, to name a few. I find travel to be an inspiration for my artistic endeavors as well as a way to better understand human accomplishment. I've been successful with long-term weight loss and discovered running as a way to keep fit. Nature is where I feel most connected to the powerful force that controls our lives.

It is often life's struggles that help us grow the most. As a young adult, the death of my father made me pause to reflect on the meaning of life and set me on a path of discovery. I've raised two children, juggled career and family, dropped out of the workforce, reentered the workforce and been laid off. I’ve dealt with the challenges of being a woman working in a male-dominated profession. I've adjusted to an empty nest and I'm planning my retirement. I've coped with the long-term chronic illness of a family member and cared for an aging parent. I'm also a cancer victim who has recently reached my 5-year milestone cancer-free! I question the status-quo and invent my life according to my own values and beliefs.

I think my ability to see the big picture is what makes me feel that life coaching is my calling. But as a coach, I won't be teaching clients how to attain a more fulfilling life; I will be collaborating with them to create that life, respecting my clients as experts on what their individual needs are and inspiring the kind of change they are seeking. I believe we all have the inner resources to discover and attain the kind of life that makes us feel whole. Contact me and let’s begin to turn over your new leaf today!

  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech, Pi Tau Sigma (Engineering Honor Fraternity)
  • Network Engineering Certification, Howard Community College, MD
Training and Certification
  • Professional Coaching Certification, Howard Community College, MD
  • 40-hour Basic Training Program for MD Court Certified Mediation, Mediation Center, Ellicott City, MD

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