Organize Your Life with Diana!

In Establishing Order, Diana Blake draws upon her life coaching expertise and invites you to envision yourself as a mighty ruler on a quest to bring order to your domains. She shares with you the same methodology that has brought success to her coaching clients and offers words of encouragement and praise to motivate you in your quest.

Recognizing that you donít have to be super-organized to be successful, Diana provides you with a plan that includes five essential processes to establish order in your home or workplace and a menu of options for those who want to go ďall the way.Ē Understanding the importance of the individual as a whole, Diana proposes that clutter is not only about objects but also about emotions. She guides you in your quest systematically, allowing you time to prepare, take action, maintain, and troubleshoot at your own pace.

Written in a conversational, upbeat style, Establishing Order takes the drudgery out of an otherwise tedious process and makes it fun. Sprinkled with amusing cartoons and creative metaphors, she inspires you in your quest to bring peace and prosperity to your kingdom and be the best you can be through the establishment of order.

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